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Another “Pool Party” in Williamsburg, with no water

Get ready to drink beers behind roped off areas and be herded around like cattle, its time for another “pool party”!
This Sundays line-up is incredible, however, so you should still go.

Doors at 2pm.

:: Grupo Fantasmo
:::::: Black Lips
:::::::: And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

Pool Party Today (Sunday)!

Like anyone needed reminding. Tomorrow’s line-up includes Dirty Projectors. oh man.

Doors at 2:00pm

Set Times:

4:00pm - Crystal Antlers
5:00pm - Magnolia Electric Co.
6:00pm - Dirty Projectors

It has arrived! Jelly NYC Pool Party #1 is this (Sunday) afternoon, doors open at 2. The Williamsburg Waterfront Park is between North 8th and 9th. Tomorrows lineup is Ponytail, Fucked Up, and Mission of Burma. prepare to have your face melted.

Set Times:

3:00pm - Jemima Pearl
4:00pm - Ponytail
5:00pm - Fucked Up
6:00pm - Mission of Burma

Japandroids Pics (Cameo Gallery 7.10.09)

JAPANDROIDS, after being an hour late and starting their set at Midnight, had the impact of a tornado touching down on North 6th St. Enjoy. I’m not good with web sites and things to excuse the shoddy formatting.

JAPANDROIDS @ Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg

tomorrow nights show at Pianos is sold out, so thankfully our Brooklyn neighbors to the West have a relatively new joint called Cameo Gallery where Japandroids will be making a ruckus tonight. i would be there on time.